Hello again! We are still fiddling with this (can ya tell?) A few things need fine-tuning, but that’s what the Secretary’s for.

You’ll notice this writing is brown? Chocolate? Well, it’s not black.  I, Sporran,


will use this colour.

And I, Geiger, will use black.


This way, all you bi-peds whose noses don’t work well enough for sniffidentification (is so a word. Look it up!), will be able to see who’s posting.

Yes, and just in case the Secretary still hasn’t figured out how to list our names as authors you’ll understand.

Early days and much to sort out. Don’t forget, we need to keep up our snooze currencies, so be patient, OK?  OK.

We’re open to (some!) suggestions. Already Zulu and Coco want more pictures. Well, of course they do! So do we, but last time one of us put a little velvet paw on the “picturebox” there was a rather indelicate word said. (Our friend Estorbo spells it ” forgh”) So, until we can get our velvet mittens on a picturebox without being yelled at…

Meanwhile, we’ll have a look around for some interesting subjects. This might be a good place to start.

And we’ve left a memo for the Secretary to find a more purr-sonal banner.

It’s lunchtime. Crunchies, anyone?

Geiger Sporran


8 thoughts on “GETTING THE HANG OF IT.

  1. Geiger and Sporran! What a surprise! You have your own blog — very cool! And color coded blogging no less! Thanks for the email letting me know. I will be checking back frequently.

  2. andrea…She probably did that when editing our post!

    marie…yes, we thought so.

    estorbo…muchas gracias! You have been our major inspiration, hermano.

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