We heard The Secretary talking about a blue moon. So we found a link http://english.ntdtv.com/ntdtv_en/ns_asia/2009-12-31/150915745604.html

Yes, and also something about the tide.(She gets all silly and happy when the water comes high up the mangroves.)

But if the moon was really “blue” no one around here would have noticed. Firstly, it’s been raining a lot and secondly, the bi-peds rabbit on about a new year andwhat they will do to it.

Funny creatures, these bi-peds. In developing their “language” they sacrificed some important skills. Like observation.

You mean the new-look blog at Idle Thoughts?

Yes. Granted, she’s always fiddling with her banner, but there are a few other differences.

Should we have a contest, d’you think, to see who’s first to spot it?

Good idea! If someone notices, we’ll ask for crunchies!

Here’s the rain again! Back to sleep, yes?

Sporran napping the new year in
Geiger favours the Mustang for her day bed

If you make rash promises about what you will do, or what you will stop doing, good luck with that!

We are far more sensible – we live each day to the full and get plenty of rest. We think you should, too.


8 thoughts on “WAS YOUR MOON BLUE?

  1. No, my moon was invisible behind thick cloud. They went off to look at fireworks on the water but I stayed home to keep an eye on the visiting dog. I had to put her in her place a couple of times, very exhausting always being on your guard, but she’s gone home now (thank goodness!) so I can relax. Cheers, Luther of Wamberal

    1. jana…good to see you here. We’ve heard about Busby and Fiona and we’d like to reassure them that they are NOT demanding. We cats only ask for food when we’re hungry.If that’s 3am so be it. Happy new year!

  2. Happy New Year! It’s very very cold here – she’s back at work today, so we’ve joined here in her studio to make sure she keeps focussed and doesn’t get distracted. And we can make sure she doesn’t forget to serve our supper at 5.30pm on the dot.

    Best wishes from the Studio Assistants
    The Ginger One and The Tabby One

    (BTW we don’t use our silly human-given names, please would you ming changing the link – ta very much)

  3. Magic Cochin…ah! you know how to work it! We also know about “creature comforts” and sleep directly under the fans.
    (We have instructed the Secretary to amend the link.)

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