We think the bi-peds tend to bang on about it too much sometimes.

Mm, and it’s not just this weather, it’s all the other weather, too. Personally, if I have a snug place to snooze

And food.Don’t forget the food!

Trust you! The weather can be whatever it wants to be, as long as we get what we need. Mind you, when we heard the rain-on-the-roof at two o’clock this morning we thought we’d better tell Dinah.

I think she was pleased with us as she got out of bed and closed the back door. Then she went along the hall and closed some windows.

And we all went back to bed. Until the next big rain at four o’clock.

This time, She had coffee and we had crunchies. I went outside to see how wet it really was. It was very wet. I sat in the in-basket to dry off.

Geiger in the in-tray

Yesterday there was much excitement at The Man’s office. He came home from work in the morning to get something he called a smoker and some funny hats.

Yes, and Dinah found an old sack which had some roaches in it. I love roaches! She only wanted the sack so I chased the roaches. One was quite tasty.

The man put all the funny hats and the smoker and some other stuff in his truck and drove away.

And Dinah drove off with the picture-box. Here’s a picture.

swarm of bees at The Man's workplace

She might write more about it on her own blog. We were not there so we don’t know what it’s all about.

I was on the fence the other day, watching  “something” in R’s yard. It looked like

See full size image a long-haired Guinea Pig.

I saw that, too! I was going to have a closer look, but the “Scream-Girl” started to do that loud squealing so I came home. Dinah says she thinks it’s one of these

a Shi-tsu dog.

Oh great! Another shits ooo dog! I feel a bit sorry for the poor thing when that girl squeals and shrieks at it.

Yeah! She’s very loud. Gets it from her father, I suppose. He is really scary when he yells at the people.

It’s raining again. Wanna chase some champagne corks?

I’d rather snooze!



  1. You guys get all the fun! Me, I’ve just got chooks. Big fuss the other day when the older human found 3 eggs in a nest, one much bigger than a chook’s egg, one much smaller, and one the size of a pigeon’s egg. “They” think the chooks need something special in their food (as if!) but I think those cuckoos they’re always talking about have infiltrated the chook house. Wish they’d let the chooks just get on with it, I’d have been interested to see what hatched from those eggs. But no, they confiscated the eggs – and they certainly didn’t come my way. Fed Up of Womberal.

    1. Fed Up…we know who you really are, Luther! Wait til a carpet snake gets into the chookenarium and eats the eggs – then you’ll see a real fuss. Don’t s’pose you want some more rain…?

  2. Mmmmm roaches. We I lived in NYC we had roaches and I would pat them down flat with my paw. Never ate them. Just liked to make them as flat as a pancake.

    And, yes, the humans do talk a lot about the weather.

    1. pearl…I don’t understand why humans get so “squeaky” about these things. They don’t want roaches. We kill roaches. They squeal. Huh???? And yeah…the weather.They need to chill. Oh, wait a minute…your people are already chilled!

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