Since the humans insist on our being indoor cats at night, we have litter trays.

Yes, two trays. Well, they have two and we’re all for egalite, especially since there seems to be an embargo on liberte!

Anyway, Dinah came home the other day with a new bag of litter (known as shit-grit Chez  Dinahmow ) and look what’s printed on it:

She muttered something about smart advertising.

About the new puppy over the back fence… we still haven’t had a chance to check him out, but we now know his name: Bentley.

Dinah and The Man seem to think this is a funny name for such a little fluff ball.

Apparently, a Bentley is a very big, very posh motor car.

See full size image

image from luxuor

Queens ride about in them. And you may interpret that any way you want!

There was more “car stuff” around here  at the weekend.

Yes, and a right nuisance it was! The Man knows that I like to snooze on front of his car. And I don’t just snooze – I play a vital role in security.

wiper support

I prevent the wiper thingies from being torn off by the wind. Yes, I do! But something was wrong with the motor so I had to move. sigh…

Our friend, Stella, has decided to blog about her art. We think this is a smart move and we encourage you to see what she is working on.

Which brings us, rather neatly, I think, to the art that has engulfed this place.

Dinah is pleased that one project is (almost) finished as she can now concentrate on another very big project.

We think she may be a little over-extended, but…do bi-peds ever listen to us?

Hey! Sporran! I just saw another big grasshopper on the mint!

I’ll be right there!



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