Yes, we are back at the keyboard sooner than you all expected.

A bit sooner than we expected, too, if truth is told. But Dinah zipped off to the shops and left this machine running.

And you know that saying: when the Woman’s away, the cats will play. We have had a great time, blog-hopping here and there.

Or, as they say in French circles: ici, la-bas et ailleurs. Yes, we are picking up some interesting foreign phrases. Unlike the Woman, whose foreign is mostly rude!

And among some of the lovely places we’ve visited is this blog. What a charming fellow this Monkey seems. Almost as smart as a cat!

Of course, it was through cats, in a roundabout way, that we learned about this blog. We told Dinah about it when she finally came back with the jellimeat.

Cats and books do seem to be often mentioned together, don’t they? The Big Cupboard in here is stuffed with cattish books. Mind you, I get a bit of a wigging if I try to get the books off the shelves!

The Man’s friend has been here today, trying to make the car go.

Yes, so I have had to find another snooze place.

I was able to dig quite a comfortable “scrape” in this pile of dirty laundry.

We have to hand this keyboard back to The Man now, but we’ll be sure to bring you more interesting things next time.


3 thoughts on “ABOUT BOOKS.(AND MONKEYS)

  1. Just noticed that your frieze at the top of your blog features a cat very like ME! Nice one, thanks. Just had a good laugh. Spent a couple of minutes making Carol hold the door open while I decided to go in – or not – then once in made an immediate decision to go out again. The chooks had all rushed to the door to see what was happening so I bowled out into the middle of them and you should have heard the squawks. Laugh! They’re good entertainment value which is lucky as I can’t see what else they’re good for. Cheers, Black Luther, Chief Chook Botherer.

  2. Luther…if you look like the banner, which is Dinah’s drawing of us, then maybe we are related?
    We love the idea of chooks. We keep hearing about the chooks The People used to have and about the cat that would round them up. Maybe yor minder could take some pictures?

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