Well, Dinah does give us breakfast first and  I like to hang about in the kitchen while she makes The Man’s lunch.

Yes, sometimes it’s worth the wait. If we sit politely and don’t snatch. But if she’s just fiddling about with mangoes (which we don’t eat) then we go outside.

This morning I brought her a present. Silly woman didn’t turn on the laundry light and she thought I’d found a piece of plastic!

She calls it a “slough.” I think if you click it you can see the eye holes and nostrils! Dinah reckons it’s from a carpet snake and I think she was quite pleased with it, although she muttered something about it being like a condom. And she also told me that its owner is probably big enough to do me some damage.

Well, not to be outdone, I had to find something for her. So I crept through the just-dawn garden, stealthy as only a cat can be…and caught one of these which the Wiki page calls a Valanga. I call ’em crunchy!

Ed’s note: the damned thing was a big  female and I was more intent on removing it before the house was trashed so no photos!

I missed that! Pity, cos they are fun to chase, even if we can’t always catch them. But I’m sure it will be in the garden somewhere.

The  herb pots would be a good place to look! She’ll reward us if we do catch it!

We have an update on our possum. No photos yet, because Dinah doesn’t want to scare them, but Mr. Possum has gone and now there is a Mrs. Possum in that space behind the tool board.

Yes, and she has a junior possum! Still a “pocket possum,” but Dinah saw it on her back yesterday and says soon it will be out of the pouch and learning all the things  it needs to know.

And that’s about all we have to tell you. Because of all the rain and storms things here are very damp and you-know-who is getting a bit cross because her papers are taking a long time to dry.

But everyone is happy that we have had such good rain. Now, I think I’ll bang on the pantry door. (That’s my signal for “crunchies, please!”) 😉


5 thoughts on “HOW DO YOU BEGIN YOUR DAY?

  1. Very fine slough, guys, Lucky Dinah. Carol would be pleased if I brought in one of those for her collection. Big though, hope you don’t ever tangle with the owner. Very soporific weather here, makes me want to sleep upstairs all day in the big house and downstairs all night in the Dooken Hut. Sleeping outdoors is okay but I feel those 7 princess chooks don’t treat me with any sort of respect, more like disdain, which is a but annoying seeing I’m meant to be in charge here. Must go, they are about to be set loose again…

  2. Luther (via Carol)…we hope you don’t have a big snake at your place, although it would keep rats away from the chooks’ eggs.
    Yes, it’s hot and sticky here so we lie around under the fans.

  3. Nice score, ladies! Humongous spiders who try to survive by escaping indoors as the mercury plummets in autumn are my favourite prezzies to The Food Lady. You live in a place rich with distractions. I spend the winter on the windowsill, hurling abuse at the visitors to The Food Lady’s feeders. Mostly birds and squirrels but I saw a raccoon last week!

  4. zulu…we don’t have many big spiders here (so far!), but we’ve heard about the ones The People used to get.
    Raccoon, eh? Our friend in New York has one he calls The Bandido. He hates him!

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