Well, of course we did! We are cats,the Top End of suaveness. Uber-cool. Scared? Not us!

This picture shows how chocolate-y my fur is becoming. Dinah calls me Miss 85%. I think she means well!

Dinah put sticky tape on the doors. Just in case . But, as our house has louvre windows, sudden drop/change in pressure was pretty unlikely. We snoozed!

And this is how the shade sails looked, next day, through the kitchen window. They did come loose at 2 am, but The Man managed to tie them back with a rope. Dinah was Valiant Torch Bearer – from inside!

Just around the corner…this took out the power line.

For more than four days the People had candle light suppers. And breakfasts!

In the mornings Dinah used a flashlight when she made our breakfast. We sniffed carefully, to be sure it really was our food. And for people meals, they burned candles. It was great – they didn’t see us sneaking up til we were right there!

Oh! So you’re back! I thought you’d gone over the fence?

I did, but some people came so I came home. I think the people might be buying the house next door.

If it keeps raining, I’ll be OK in SS Basin. Just like Swallows and Amazons!

The Man and Dinah mended the torn screens (the TV aerial was pulled from its mounting and it scraped a big hole in the screen) after they discovered that the hardware store does not stock this size! There was no bad language, which surprised us since they don’t half say cuss words if we so much as touch the stupid screens. And geckos can walk all over the screens with impunity!

For some reason (lord knows what or why!) Dinah wants us to show you this picture. A big branch snapped off the mango tree and managed not to land on her precious plant.

And that’s about all we have to say about the storm… what’s that you say? Oh, alright. Apparently, we are to make it clear that the real cyclone was 90kms away from us. This was just a plain sort of storm.

All the same, we’re glad our people were back from their trip ‘ cos it might have been a bit scary on our own!


5 thoughts on “WE SURVIVED THE STORM!

    1. zulu… no different ones, but the regular birds are picking through the piles of branches. It’s a ton of fun! And there are butterflies now the sun’s out! Do you like butterflies? We do!

  1. carol and ILTV…we must speak to our secretary – she was supposed to answer your comments days ago!
    We don’t go in for that romantic nonsense, but it is much easier to lurk in that low light!

    and we’re pretty nifty on the keys!

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