Milo.  1008.

The people around here have been a bit sad. Our father, Milo, who lived next door had to go to Doctor Vet for the last time.

He was old and his injuries from years of fighting off other toms had slowed him down and worsening arthritis made walking painful. Doctor Vet wasn’t able to make him better this time.

Dinah cried when they told her.

But on the bright side … the cute tabby kitten who came to visit is the new cat next door. His name is Sticks (or maybe Styx?) and the people got him because Missy was lonely when Milo left.

And another happy thing (well, we all think it’s a happy thing!) is that Mrs. Possum and her pocketful are back.

They did leave for 2 days and the bi-peds were concerned. Then, on the day it poured for hours, look where they were:

…scrunched up, at the very edge of the shade sails, trying to stay dry. Silly possums!

But since then they’ve returned each morning to the little possum house that  The Man made for them in the carport.

Apparently, Dinah has a lot of writing to do so we’ll be back when we can get some keyboard time…


4 thoughts on “R.I.P. MILO

  1. RIP Milo. It’s very sad when kitties (and others) go to the bridge.

    The possum is interesting but I feel that I would be very concerned if one lived in our garden. But that’s just me. I’m concerned about a lot of stuff.

  2. Pearl…yes, but it seems more sad for the bi-peds.
    You are probably right to be concerned about possums – they don’t fight fair!

  3. So sorry to hear about Milo. We old fighters do seem to keep on keeping on as long as we can but when the time comes then the bi-peds can often make things easier for us -not that I have any intention yet of encouraging that!

    I’m not too bothered about the possums but those flying foxes! They never stop squabbling all night. No consideration for others at all. Cheers, Luther

    1. Luther…oh, yes, we have those batty bats, too. Noisy! But Dinah says they have their place. We think they could sod off to another place. Butterflies are more fun! And you’re right about our Dad.He was a runner-up in a Battle Cat contest, did you know? But when he was here he was a friend to all the Dinahmow cats.

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