Sometimes, life is pretty quiet around here. Tedious, you might think. Sleeping is often the best pastime…


And then, sometimes, life takes it up a notch. Dinah’s friend has had a possum living in the studio for months (a couple of years ago, she had a big ol’ carpet snake living above the doorway between the art room and the press room!) and that was perfectly OK with the artists. They slept all day and went out at night, to fight and feed and breed. The possums, that is. The artists mostly worked all day and went out at night…

But last week, possum somehow got his back leg caught in a tripod-thingy. Another artist friend managed to free his leg and possum hopped away into a corner under the drying rack.

He was still there next day and Heather was concerned. She rang the vet. The vet gave her a list of numbers for people who rescue wild animals. Five of these people told Heather they “would get back to her.” They didn’t. So Heather rang Dinah.

Dinah carefully wrapped possum in a towel, put him in a box and took him to the vet on Tuesday.

We would like to say here that this was not our Dr.Vet. (And Dinah says he bloody well wouldn’t be, either!)

On Friday, she went back to collect possum and bring him home for a few days before releasing him.

She was very cross. Trust us, a very cross Dinah is a thing to hide from!The possum was still in the same towel, now soaking wet with pee, after 4 days!

We very kindly let him use a cat box to sleep in!


Other things have been going on around here…

Ages ago, some friends gave the bi-peds a thing called a barbecue. It was not working properly and they were busy doing other important stuff (who knows what they consider important?) so it just sat in a corner. Not working. Apparently, when these things work you can cook food.

Well, The Man borrowed some bits from another barbecue and joined all the bits together and made it work.

Dinah cooked pork-and-apple sausages. We had a small taste. Seemed an awful lot of fiddling for a small taste!

And I’ve been in trouble. Again! The Man kept threatening to “tie my whiskers in a knot” because I stropped my claws on the sofa. Look what Dinah came home with on Friday, in an effort to save my whiskers…

Apparently, cats “get great enjoyment, playing on the Kitty-Scratcher.” Really? The bi-peds put some crunchies on the top, in an effort to make me climb up. I jumped, and scooped them onto the floor to eat.

I did pose for one picture…still prefer the sofa!


12 thoughts on “WE HAVE A HOUSE GUEST

  1. If one more dog moves in to this street we’ll all go nuts!
    And we thought Coco was your friend?
    G&S via the secretary, who is too lazy to switch accounts. 🙂

  2. Very nice of you to take in the possum and good of Dinah & The Man, too. Four days in a pee filled towel – yuk! Bet Dinah had a few words to say. Had a cat laugh over your scratching thingy. I get in trouble for dribbling, which seems socially acceptable to me but apparently isn’t as far as the humans are concerned. I just don’t get it.

  3. Luther (via Carol)…why is dribbling so wrong? We know some places where the bi-peds put smelly things in their mouths and set fire to them. Crazy!
    And possum (she calls him Jimmy!) came back again yesterday. The vet. says his leg is getting better.

  4. ziggi(linda)…think carefully about that. Very carefully! He’s a male, remember, and, since you have no lady possums, who knows what he’ll roger!

  5. Boy, I sure like your possum much better than the possums we have here in North Carolina. Can we trade? I’ll even take the pee-soaked towel.

  6. Karen…welcome and my apologies for being slow to approve your comment (which I will do as soon as my computer comes back from the fix-it man!)
    The cats will no doubt say I should carry their passwords with me so that “they” could deal with “their” comments.

    And I’m afraid a trade is out of the question. Sadly, I had to have my own vet euthanase jimmy on saturday. I’ll spare readers the details, but the decision was our only choice.

  7. I just caught up with your comment over on Estorbo’s blog, so I was disappointed to come back to find out that I am out of luck on the trade.

    Have you ever seen our American possums? Ugly, ugly and most likely to be found as road kill. Yours are definitely cuter. However, I’m sorry about you having to do euthanasia.

  8. NB I *have* no four-footed friends … except you two. But you’re a comfortable arm’s length plus away. I only like the two-footed variety: humans for feeding and loving me and birds for ‘TV’ viewing.

  9. zulu…it must be difficult when your people keep allowing dogs in your home. Still, at least your people love you.

  10. Karen…oops! This one slipped through the net during my muddle.
    Yes, I have seen American possums. Well, one! And they may not look as cute as our little guys, but they have there place.
    By the way, I dare not mention “cute” and “possum” in the same sentence when I’m in New Zealand. I was damn’ near lynched when I mentioned hand-rearing a possum. Over there, they are introduced pests. Seriously.

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