by Sporran

And about time, too! Clearly, Dinah is not going to update her blog to tell you about me…

I’d got into a bit of a battle with one of those ornery cats from up the back and she bit me. By the time anyone came to see what the ruckus was about, I’d managed to do some retaliatory damage with my claws. Left-right-left and left again, all sharps extended.

Of course, being a fit and healthy little cat, with perfect skin…the wounds closed and everyone got on with things.

But the bites had left some germs in me and they went rotten. Dinah wasn’t too worried at first, but it turns out the bites were very deep and Dinah said Dr. Vet would have to use  one of “those needles.”

So she stuffed me into the box-with-locks and hauled me off to Dr. Vet.

I was jabbed with a needle and Dinah brought me home. Not a biggy, I thought.

But at 5a.m. look what she did to me…

behind closed door

She shut me in the bathroom!

Oh! The indignity of it! Behind a locked door while Geiger ate her breakfast and I starved! Starved, I say! (And I might just add that my sister is a very noisy eater!)

Notice what time it was that she was scoffing and I was starving? Yes 5 o’clock in the beforebreakfast . At 8 o’clock in the after-breakfast time  I was shoved back into the box-with-locks and off we went again.

We met Dr. Jo in the car park. Turns out, it was her birthday. Hahaha! She had to spend her birthday picking smelly old rotten scabs off smelly old rotten animals.

Dinah brought me home at 3 o’clock in the after-lunchtime. And, no, I did not have any lunch!But she relented and gave small small treats at dinner time.

And I counted up on all my paws how many pointy things were poked into me. SIX! Is that fair, I ask you?

Geiger helping to clean my wound.

Of course, when I was allowed to go outside again I had to make up for lost time. You’d think She’d be pleased when I chomped that big grass hopper that was going  to eat her plants, but, no! She yelled at me that it would make me sick. She knows nothing.

Anyway, I’m fine now and just to prove it, I also ate a dragon fly!



  1. Horror story! But good for you, Sporran, you’re a brave fighter after my own heart. Funny, we have a Dr Vet, too. Wonder if they’re related? Stay well, Luther

  2. Luther…thanks for the good wishes. I don’t really like fighting, but that cat came onto our patch and it did not want to be friendly so it was WAR!

  3. Zulu sends cat sympathies. She’s too busy checking out Coco’s dish to tell you herself. Love both images but the drawing is *just* how cats look whilst delivering beatings upon each other. Love it.

  4. We send sympathetic licks too. None of us have had an abscess, but Rachel told us that they are horrible, and painful. She says she used to be good at cleaning them out herself when she had a bunch of warrior cats and no money for the vet’s bills! We think that perhaps we won’t go out fighting now that we’ve heard your story…. We wish we had grasshoppers though.

  5. rachel (for Lottie, Millie, Scooter and Hamish) Yes, Rachel is right. Abcesses can be very painful. Dinah said she was very sympathetic about mine because she had a bad one on her tooth once.
    How’s the mousing, Millie? We’ve never seen a mouse!You are lucky!

  6. Great job defending your turf, Sporran! And I’m glad you are on the mend (with help from Geiger). You seem to be a scrapper, like our Blackie (aka Sgian Dhub) … she’s small but a force to be reckoned with.

  7. Hello, S&G (and Dinah),

    Because we live near Yosemite National Park, I guess we’re all Highlander kitties! Blackie was the smallest of Stella’s kittens, and she’s black, of course, and has a lot of cattitude. She can also be very stealthy. So the humans thought of the little hidden knife worn by the Scots and decided it would be a good name for her.

    1. Ikaika and Trudy…I did wonder about her being a “secret or hidden weapon.” 🙂 And how different Yosemite is from Hawaii!

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