Well, we’ve been told, in no uncertain terms, that we should not tangle with some of the bugs and other things we like to chase. Whip snakes, bossy neighbour cats… she’s got a longer list than the bloody Mikado!

Apparently, a chap who lives not far from us found a spider. And he chased it, so why can’t we? Discrimination, that’s what it is!

I haven’t been eating spiders, but I’m sure Dinah’s pleased I got another grasshopper.

Dinah here: No, I am not very pleased, because you threw up on the kitchen floor in the middle of the night!

I’m Good Cat this week. Not only do I know my “Twice Times Two” *  I’ve been helping with the knitting project.

Dinah is a rather messy knitter – she leaves all these dangly bits. I fix them.

Oh, boy! Were we cross with her for taking this picture! We were in the garden, watching some black cockatoos. Damn’ birds hurled branches and nuts down at us and Dinah laughed so hard she forgot to adjust the focus.

Stopped laughing when some of the nuts hit her, didn’t she! hahaha


Some of our readers will already know about Kiffer, but if you never “met” him perhaps you will read Jackie’s tribute and be glad that there are Kiffers in this world.

Vale, bold Kiffer.

*From A.A.Milne’s “Twice Times.”

There may be a Moral, though some say not;
I think there’s a moral, though I don’t know what.
But if one gets better, as the other gets wuss,
These Two Little Bears are just like Us.
For Christopher remembers up to Twice Times Ten …
But I keep forgetting where I put my pen.*

* So I have had to write this one in pencil.



  1. So sad to hear about Kiffer but what a much loved fellow he was. I’m not allowed to eat spiders either, or snakes, so you’re not alone there. For my own good, is what they say… Luther

    1. Luther in Wamberal…yes, Kiffer was a special fellow. Isn’t it strange, the things people feel are “bad” for us? Of course, sometimes they are right, but most of us learned from a smart clip in the ear from Mama Cat. (She never clipped me in the ear for keeping my claws in good nick!-Geiger)

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