It has been difficult to find some keyboard time lately. What’s that? You noticed? Well, it wasn’t our fault!

Not being able to post our stories is a bother, but we don’t complain. Not that we have much to post. The fighting cats moved away. Sticks pops in from time to time to play. But things are pretty quiet here.

I went over the fence to Bentley’s house one day…

can you see me?

Bentley had been called inside. He was mad as hell that he couldn’t get downstairs!

I was going to go all the way upstairs…

But a butterfly caught my eye.

Meanwhile…I had followed  an interesting scent …

over the fence to the empty house.a scrub turkey, we think, as someone left the gate open so turkeys or wallabies could have gone through there.

We heard Dinah muttering that she couldn’t get any closer. Hah!

When we were little itty-bitty kitties, I figured out how to open the front door.At first, I was the only door-savvy cat, but after a while Geiger caught on.

And now I’ve taken it to the next level…I can open the door with the turn-the-knob handle! Oh, yes…I am one sassy cat.

But for sheer artistry, have a look at this!

And if that made you chuckle maybe you’d like to see what Maru can do with a box. Pop over to Estorbo’s place to see Maru in action.

The rain’s stopped – time to go for another wander…


6 thoughts on “WE’RE B A A A ACK!

  1. Go Simon’s Cat! He’s hilarious, and a credit to catdom. Or should that be Cat Domination? I also enjoyed the jumping cat Maru. I wish my people would video me for all the world to see, but they say they have privacy issues. Good to see you guys back on line. Luther

    1. Luther, via Carol…CatDom. Hey! We like that.Maybe we could get some T shirts printed…
      Too bad about the “privacy issues.” Dinah puts her videos on Flickr which seems less invasive (and easier!) than Youtube.
      Are you still chook-wrangling?

  2. Please don’t show Millie how to open the turn-the-knob door handle! How very clever of you. She hasn’t worked out how to manage a proper bolt yet, although cat flap sliders are easy for her.

    Maru has lots of youtube videos; he’s never bored, that boy! Not like some round here….

    1. rachel…The Man thinks I can only open that turn-the-knob door because the latch is not set into the jamb deeply.
      But the real trick is (Millie, I hope you’re reading) to jump high enough and clasp the knob in your front paws n the way down, giving a whole-spine twist. 😉

    1. ziggi…oh no! Do I want to know what’s happened?
      I hope the holiday will help.
      Oh, but first you go to Tom’s to see if you’ve still got the knack. Be careful, for goodness sake! Himself wont want any more injuries in the family!

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