Geiger, in the in tray.               ( roll your mouse over)

And Geiger, taking her ease, after lunch

If she can squeeze herself into something slightly smaller than herself, she will.

Maybe she’s been reading our Ginger friends’ blog?

Dinah used to have cats that walked with her…this ginger  one was called Biskit and the Siamese one had a fancy name, but the family just called him Small Cat. He was 17 when the People moved to this house and he wasn’t phased at all.

Yep! We’re mostly adaptable. I think I’ll go and see what else I can adapt for a sun bed…


2 thoughts on “IN WITH THE IN CROWD

  1. Geiger, your beds look very comfy. And of course we like to get into the smallest possible space, that’s cos we’re cats. And becos we can. Luther

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