Hola!  We asked the Secretary to send this on the proper date for you in New York. But she says she must go to the library. Que???

But we are wishing something special for a birthday treat for you. Like this, perhaps

Click to view

or maybe some

Whatever your people give you, we hope you have a happy day. Weeth reebon!



  1. What a cool birthday post for the hermano, G & S! I just saw your post on Estorbo’s blog! Cracked me up (I assume “tutai” means in Maori what “kukai” means in Hawai’ian)!

  2. Ikaika…good to hear from you again. We are Aussie cats, but we are picking up some Maori words. Of course, if we say them to the wrong ears…
    And you’re right, it is kukai. 😉

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