Well, you know what people say about it being hard to get good help…
We’re in the market for a more efficient secretary. Any offers?

Seriously, just having opposable thumbs and being able to spell doesn’t mean you can do the job.

It’s our birthday today! Three years we’ve been the only major entertainment around here. You’d think there might be a little more appreciation. A special birthday dinner, perhaps?
Zip. Nada.
Oh! Wait…we’re being whistled…we’ll be back!


9 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US

  1. rachel… well, thankyou very much. Sardines? Cream? Presents? Ha! We wish…
    What we did get was barked at and chased by a “puppy” the size of a garden shed.
    But we did get to lick the lasagne dish after dinner. 🙂

  2. Sorry I missed your birthday, probably because one of our humans was having one and all stops were pulled out for her. I hope you got all you desired and as much as you could eat. On the secretary front, it’s probably easier to keep the one you’ve got, IMNVHO*. Like that? I learnt it on Google. Or somewhere… Cheers, Luther
    *I’m a cat, nothing humble about me.

  3. A very Happy (belated) Birthday to you two beautiful panthers! I hope by now you have gotten your due regarding birthday loot and got to lick more than just the lasagne dish!

  4. Ikaika…hey there! How’re things up there? I guess you’re getting ready for long snoozes in front of the fire soon?
    And the birthday loot was just what we managed to snag for ourselves. But as it was a Saturday day The Man was at home and he’s a complete pushover.:-)
    The Secretary has a Serious Birthday soon so we’re hopeful of good food then.;-)

  5. Good luck on scoring some of the Serious Birthday feast!

    Things are kinda wet and wild up here right now. We went from hot weather one week to cold, fog and thunderstorms this week. On Saturday night, we had ping-pong ball sized hail! And the lightening was frightening! We hid, but the silly humans were quite excited. Go figure.

  6. Ikaika…Wow! Sounds like a big storm. We had a very LOUD one last week and we hid behind the sofa. But no hail stones. The Voice In The Radio says storms are coming this week.Dinah keeps looking over the fence at the drain!
    Take care, you guys.

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