The Secretary’s messing about with ink an’ stuff.

And we do mean “messing.” We have been told to keep away. Yeah, right…like we want to get close to that smelly stuff!

So we thought we’d take advantage of the time to tell you a bit of what’s been happening around here…not a lot to interest us!  She’s been out with her picture-box again. The Bat Plant (Tacca integrifolia) is flowering. It’s boring in the extreme, despite being called “the cat’s whiskers” by some gardening folk.

Ed: here’s a link http://www.google.com.au/search?sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&q=tacca+integrifolia

She might put more pictures on Flickr when she’s finished mucking abou printing.

When her foot was all fat with germs and she couldn’t walk, this was how she  managed to get to the kitchen to fix our breakfast…

It scared us the first morning we heard it come rumbling and squeaking down the passage in the dark! (She thought she was being very innovative!)

Our Man goes away every Tuesday, to some hole in the ground where people dig for some stuff called coal. Apparently, this stuff is nearly as old as diamonds.

And nearly the same price!

Anyway, we prefer it when The Man is at home because when he’s away there is not much action in the kitchen! We like kitchen action.

This morning, I had a really brilliant idea to make him stay at home. I figured that if I wore his trousers he would not be able to go!

Good one, Geiger, but it didn’t work. I tried sitting on his travel bag…

…but that didn’t work either.

Here’s another garden picture…

rather rude-looking seedy bits of the Tacca!

See the marks where I strop my claws? Pretty impressive, huh?

We’re off to find a snooze place while it’s raining. But we’ll leave you with this: we’re thinking of changing this blog a bit. Maybe making a comic strip. What do you think?


23 thoughts on “OUR TURN TODAY

  1. We had a Tacca once but it died. Never reached the stage of having rude bits, poor thing. I nearly caught a snake yesterday but Andy accidentally got to it before me with the whipper snipper and it died too. They were all very upset at killing the snake – goodness knows why. The snake had eaten a lizard and so the children were very interested to see two bodies for the price of one, so to speak. They’re a gruesome lot and keep all dead things in bottles. In the house! Yuk!

  2. Hello you two! Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m very impressed by cats who not only write a blog, but comment on others as well. Lila, one of the black cats who lives with me, used to enjoy being on Facebook, but those mean corporate beasts took away her account! Very unfair. Cats should take part in social networking activities if they want to. You are an inspiration to her.

    You must have been so scared when the female human almost couldn’t make it to the kitchen! Did you suggest the wheels to her? Just as long as she can still work a can opener…! By all means you should keep the male one at home if he is the only one able to open cabinets and cans! These humans of yours need to get their priorities straight!

    So, you draw cartoons as well as write? I can see being able to tap keys with your paws, but wouldn’t cartooning require opposable thumbs? Or, dare I say it, do you do it digitally by dragging around a mouse? You should still consider keeping the blog, I think. At the very least, it’s good to use the power of the Internet to keep your humans in line.

    Speaking of opposable thumbs, Lila once found this guy on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/silly_little_man/4655319971/in/set-72157623803722956/ She was so jealous! She’s sure he must be able to open his own cat food bags, if not cans.

  3. Ellen…good to see you here. Having just been fed we’re having a post-prandial snooze and The Secretary’s answering …
    We just looked at that cat on the link. We think it knows how to use Photoshop! 😉 Wish we could.

  4. Don’t think it’s Photoshop, unless he or his human touched up every picture of him there. Then again, humans can be so gullible. Happy napping…

  5. I think you two should chip in and buy herself a pair of crutches — or maybe a walker! (But remember to duck when you make Old Person jokes while she uses it.)


  6. Hey cats, I have to disagree with you, the bat plant looks rather interesting, be careful it doesn’t chase you at nights, hahahaha which reminds me, what do you do when the kookaburra laughs?

  7. gg…welcome to our place. 🙂 We have real bats, too. We like to watch them fly past at night. Kookaburras? Yep Them, too, but we ignore them. What we really like are the little yellow sunbirds. Just paw-sized -OWW!

    1. nursemyra…yes, it is a bit of a stop-in-your-tracks. I just went down and measured those “whiskers.” 35cms long! And I’ve put a link in the post which has pics of the white bat.

  8. I guess Dinah’s Bat Plant was most impressive to the human … she’s singing something that goes like this : “Da da da da da da da da, da da da da da da da da — BAT PLANT!!!” I don’t get it, but then there’s a lot about her I don’t get. She does serve good food, though.

    I like to sleep in the humans’ clothes, too, Geiger — especially right after they take them off. And I am hoping that Dinah’s foot is completely well by now, for her sake as well as yours. Interference with food service is not a good thing.

    1. Ikaika…hey! Dinah sang the same song when she first saw a bat plant. (And one day, when she saw the Batmobile being driven through Southport for a promotion stunt, she started singing that song. The Man crossed the street and pretended not to know her!)

  9. Yes, a comic strip would be good – but we think you don’t get enough access to the computer – you need to renegotiate your terms and conditions with the secretary…..

  10. Scooter Hamish Lottie Millie(and their secretary)…thanks for the input. We have tried re-negotiating our contract, but we got “the stare” so we’ll just bide out time. Cats usually win in the end. 😉

  11. zizzi…well, when that chair’s in the office it’s OK, but it was weird to have it come whizzing down the hall.
    But all is back to normal now and we didn’t miss any meals.;-)

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