If you bother to read our Secretary’s blog (why would you bother?) you’ll know that she has shown some concern for  A BLOODY BIRDS’ NEST!

Honestly!  If the  bipeds took as much notice of Mr. Darwin as they’d like us to think they do…

Anyway, that nest is empty and our attention is now focussed elsewhere. (We are not  so silly as to post  the details here for bipeds to read!)

Our friend, Pearl, who lives in England, has posted a most hilarious video from that Youtube thingummy. When Dinah saw it she was laughing like an idiot. In fact, we both had to jump up to the computer desk to see what was going on. Do go here and have a laugh, as the bipeds say.

Mr Gates may think he’s in line for World Domination, but it will need a cat or several to iron out the kinks!

Thankyou, Pearl for this. (And thanks to Kim, we suppose…)

Oh! The Man needs to send some emails…bloody bipeds!



  1. Yeah, Mr Darwin was right, survival of the you-know-what, and all that. That’s what I say about the lizards here – never mess with the really big ones. And after watching those Komodo dragons last night, that’s a bit of advice the bipeds could follow. Cheers, Luther the Black.

  2. So yours is a nest-rescuer? *sigh* I guess ours would be, too, if any birds were silly enough to build said structures close by. So ours must content herself with snatching frogs and lizards from my deathly maw … yes, pathetic. But Midgnight put one over on her recently when she caught a vole and left half of it outside the bedroom in the hall. The human found it next morning. Ha!

    1. Oh! Nice one, Midnight! Sporran was sick just outside the bathroom door and guess who had to wash her slippers…hahaha. 😉
      Our Man is the worst for stealing our trophies. He can chase us around the garden for ages just to get a 2″ skink .Crazy!

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