The Man and  Our Secretary have been splashing about, scooping up water with a teeny-tiny shovel. They have been saying some bad words, too!

We are cats. We do not scoop up water with a shovel. We sleep.

My latest artwork, which, by the way, I had NOT finished has been moved on consignment. Consignment to the bin! So unfair…

I  did some modifications and refinements. I even took it outside, to work in the daylight! But it’s gone…

Well, yes, but She has some other boxes in the other room and one of them is empty. It’s very big; probably big enough to play in. Like this cat

I brought her something to play with the other day. She did say thank you, but I don’t see it anywhere…

The rain has eased so She thinks she can drive to the supermarket now. ..

Just as well, cos I think the biscuit barrel is  nearly empty!


3 thoughts on “THINGS TO DO ON A RAINY DAY

  1. You guys have the right idea for a rainy day. And I’m very sorry about the artwork and the present, Geiger. Humans just aren’t that appreciative sometimes. Although I suspect the Big Wet may have influenced their mood. Just a guess …

    I brought a rain beetle in last week and was not thanked for my offering at all. (They totally freaked when Midnight sacrificed the bird in the living room!) But we have had the Big White here since Sunday … much snow and power outages all day Sunday and again today. I haven’t brought them any presents since the white stuff has started to fall. They would be even less grateful than usual.

  2. Ikaika…Ooh! You’re having White Stuff! We have never seen that, but the bi-peds mention it.The Man hates it, but the Secretary says it’s OK.
    And last night we had another BIG rain.
    And a lorikeet flew into the house! Dinah got it before we did. 😦

  3. How utterly tiring for you both having to watch those humans splash about with buckets. No wonder you needed extra sleep! What were they thinking, doing that rather than open cans? Just as long as neither of you got splashed! Perhaps the Secretary liked your grasshopper so much she ate it? If so, wasn’t nice of her not to save any for you, if not to munch on, at least to toss around a bit. But taking the lorikeet…! No sense of fun, your human.

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