We try to keep things light-hearted here; there is more than enough aggravation in the world.

But this needs saying.And who better to stick it to them than our friend in Brooklyn.

Over to you, Storbie.

Gues pose’ por Dinahmow y los gatos Australianos: Open Ledhair

Dear Nor’ Korea

Fors’ ob all:

Whad the forghe?!

Secon’ ob all:

Do you nard know thad my cadseedhair mos’ fly frarm Mackay, Queenslan’ to Nuevo York through Seoul?


Deed. you. een. fagd. hab. adbance eentellegence ob thees? Ees eed porhabs true thad thees redeeculous barmbeen’ ob the nice feesheen’ billayge ob South Korea ees the fors’ salbo een the prebention of Estorbo’s (thad’s me) Soccessful Cad Seedeen’ Operation?

No mas bombas! Ees bad manhairs.

Eef my cadseedhair does nard reach me een time there weel be hell to pay, yes? I weel onleash the carntents ob my leedhair tray arn you, comprende?

An’ to my preseeden’, Meester Obama. Pleease. We can talk, mano a gato. We are both blag cads. Bod fors’ a question:

Whad the forghe?

Why are we steell een two forgheen’ wars an’ whad ees thad aircraf’ carrier goeen’ to do? You doan’ maybe theenk  eef we remobe our troops NOW frarm countries obehair the agua, we mighd hab a leedle money por small oneemportan’ madhairs lighe…oh, I doan’ know…healthcare? Education? JARBS?

We boded por you so the wars starp. Bod we doan’ see no deeference…You gard sorm’ splaineen’ to doooooooo.

The only war allow’ een the worl’ ees the War ob Estorbo por More Pelleds. I guess eed ees the same por you, yes? You wan’ to go pelled-mineen’ een Afghaneestan? ‘Terroreesm’ ees …como si dices…a red herreen’ (ees a feesh)? Yes? No kiddeen’.

Well, thad maghes me seeck. An’ a seeck Estorbo ees an angree Estorbo. Maybe I corm to the Whide House an’ eep you awaghe ad 2am een the morneen’. Maybe I breeng you barmbed feesh frarm South Korea.

So, pleease feex theese seetuation. Nor’ Korea, you are a badcad! Doan’ maghe me taghe oud the squort bottle.

Yours mose’ seencerely

Don Estorbo de la Bodega Dominicana

Well, there’s not much we can add to that, is there!

Thanks for saying it, Storbie.

G. and S.

(No, that’s not the comic opera people . )



  1. G&S and Estorbo – Well, what can I say, Storbie, but you’ve said everything that I’ve been thinking. What the forghe indeed on all sides. It’s like kindergarten all over again.

    Dinahmow – I’m sure that all will be OK in time for your trip to NYC. Estorbo rules the world!

    1. Karen…indeed. More than 5 decades is ‘way beyond a joke.
      And while we love Dinah to be here all day every day, we will focus some heavy-duty cat power on this matter.

  2. The whole world is becoming como a kindergarten. Greeks lying about cooking the books .. the Irish finally admitting the same.. the Portuguese are next….. all the banks coming down around our ears… the Germans getting fed up with bailing out every darn country(and who can blame them?..soon they will have banks crashing too…)… the Chinese just sitting back rubbing their hands and grinning like Chesire cats…and now… more idiots with fingers on the big red buttons…. sigh…. where will it end? Oh, silly me..I know that one… a big damn boom and voila…. poor Mother earth ees no more…..

    1. Bumblevee…sorry, I missed you when my connection went AWOL.
      Yes, things are in a mess, everywhere. I like to stay positive and optimistic, but some days are difficult.

  3. Srsly, I KNOW it is vary impawtant for Storbie to have his cad seedhair while his yoomans go to Cape Town. This HAS to work owt! Barack?

  4. G & S, thank you for allowing the hermano to make this important post on your blog. What the forghe, indeed! The human thinks that the little dictator-in-waiting is out marking his turf (and I think I agree with her for once). And don’t even get her started on Mr. Obama … The girl kitties and I will purr very hard and send good energy toward resolving this dangerous situation so that the cadseethair can arrive in Brooklyn as planned.

    1. Oh, we all think the same as yours! He’s such an unknown quantity.In fact all we know is that he’ll toe the same old line.
      We are disappointed in Washington, though.We really thought that Blagh Cad would smack his generals into place.
      Thankyou for the purrs. 🙂

  5. Mine allus sed [an sez] that thur’s a diffrense buhtween wantin ta be the prezident and wantin’ ta be the furst black prezident. witch wuz why she dint vote fur him. very skeptikul in sum regarrds, Mine iz.

    but sendin gud thots an hopin fur a peecefull trip anna plezunt ovurrnite wit yer hyoomun when sheeze in nooyawk.


    1. John…so sorry to be almost 3 months in answering. (email glitches and trying to work from different computers- didn’t always work!)

      But, as we can all see, Estorbo’s letter did the trick! Now…maybe he can address the nuclear issue…

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