Something is up! We are not sure exactly what, but there is definitely “something” going on around her.Right, Sporran?

Oh yeah! All manner of unusual things happening. That weird-looking  blue-thing-on-a-stick was out this morning. Dust bunnies fled for their lives. And The Secretary keeps making and buying things that smell like food, but then she locks then in the bottom part of the fridge.

That’s the part we can’t get into, though we can jump up to the fridge shelves.

On pain of severe punishment!

And yesterday, She  was stuffing things into that black bag-on-wheels. Then she un-stuffed them and stuffed some different ones in. Bi-peds!

Apparently, it’s Christmas.

Yes. The  people like to bring trees indoors and put sparkly  stuff on the branches. For cats to play with!

Yes, sometimes dogs pee on the trees. So uncouth, but good for a laugh.

So, in the spirit of the Silly Season, we’d like to share this with you.

All our friends in the Hot Country-stay cool.

And those in the Frigid Wastes – snuggle up.



  1. G & S — My friends, you have no doubt figured out what is going on by now. Dinah will be undertaking a very important mission in Nuebo York on behalf of the Hermano and his Wooman. Dinah will no doubt feel guilt for leaving you, but the up side of human guilt is the getting of goodies when they return. Good times, my friends, good times ahead!

    Happy Holidays!

  2. Ikaika…We have it figured now…The Man has been learning how to cut up the chicken pieces for us! We’re pretty cool, provided we don’t miss meals! 🙂 🙂

  3. You’ll be fine, I’ll bet. The one who stays behind always feels sorry for you and I’ve found I can get lots of extra treats just by looking a bit sad. Love Simon’s Cat. We have a tree but I’m not allowed anywhere it. Merry Christmas, Luther.

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