Geiger:    Our Secretary has asked us to write a joint post with our friend, Estorbo.

Sporran: He’s asleep!

Geiger:  Maybe he’s tired after trekking through all that white stuff?

Estorbo: I can hear you, amigos! Your secretary says you don’ know aboud snow so I am goeen’ to esplain it for you. OK? OK.

Fors’ ob all, eet is forg sorree! I forged my manners; thees is your blog.

Snow ees ber’ber’ cold. An’ wed. Ees nard nice . When the Smoothman made the eegloo for me I make heem geeve me carpet. You theenk a smard cat will seet een col’, wed snow!

So eet was a good peecture, but I corm eenside damn’ queeck-smard after he taghe the peecture!

Today, wheech, by the way, ees Day Numero Uno for thees ano (tha’s year), snow ees melteen’ mucho.

On tarp ob my table ees steel  moch snow…

…ondair my table, we fin’ the beedy sheep! (I mos’ esplain to your Secretary whad ees a beedy sheep. Ees a sheep made ob beeds, si? Leedle glass beeds on wires. Comprende?)

Sporran: I like the beedy sheep! Does it make noise?

Estorbo: No. Ees a domb sheep. Eet say nada.

Geiger: Can you ask the Secretary to make a picture of her in the snow?

Estorbo: OK, I ask her…she say “si, bot you mas no laugh.”

Sporran:Yes, that’s her!

Geiger: We should show this to The Man. I’ll make sure he is awake!

Thanks, Estorbo, this was fun. Mybe we can do it again?

Estorbo: Si, no problemo.



2 thoughts on “CONVERSATIONS

  1. You cats are helping improve world communication, that’s gotta be a good thing. Hard to imagine snow when the temperature is HOT here. Your Secretary took a pretty good photo of herself though I notice she wasn’t exactly out in the snow. And we didn’t laugh, did you? Are you looking after The Man? Happy New Year to all cats, Luther.

  2. Luther, we never laugh at the bi-peds. Roll our eyes, sometimes…
    The Man tells us that the supply trucks cannot get up to our town because of big floods at Rocky. WE MIGHT HAVE TO EAT PASTA!

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