eenstracrtions frarm an expert

Hola!  Hermanos, you hab had a long bacation, bot now I, Don Estorbo de la Bodega Dominicana, am  here to eenstract you in thee techneegue ob deespatching los mouses. OK? OK

Fors’ ob all, you mos’ prebail (ees a big word, but ees useful) opon your  yooman to probide a traineeng mouse.

Sporran: our mouses don’t have strings. Does this make a difference?

Geiger: Shh! Let’s see what he does with it…

You mos grab the mouse weeth your paws…

…an’ then you make the final move. I call eet coup de grace, een honour ob The Smoothman, who ees French.(ees not hees fault.)

Geiger: hmm…maybe we shouldn’t let The Man read this?

Sporran: He’ll get over it! Thanks, Storbie.

in a whisper: poor chap clearly doesn’t have proper mouses. Should we get Dinah to take him on the #4 train to catch that rat?




3 thoughts on “eenstracrtions frarm an expert

  1. Thanks Estorbo for the lesson. Not that it would help me. I caught a lizard this morning, quite a big one, but not her precious land mullet thing, and she went ballistic. Said it was “her” lizard, and she let it go… I don’t get it, does she think she’s owns everything? Luther.

  2. Don Estorbo clearly has his own way with mousies. Oh — and rats on the trains… hey! I think we’ve got a movie idea here.

    Dinah…many times I watched rats in the subway. I gave me something to do while I waited for the trains.
    Do you know about the Lower East Side Print Group? I don’t know if they’re still going but it’s a group of print-making artists who have a big studio that they share and they give classes.

    Lastly, Pearl is sick 😦 She’s really getting old and having multiple health problems which is making me sad.

    How are things with your family and the floods and the cyclone?

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