Dinah is home! We are happy. The Man is happy. We think Dinah is happy…

We had to welcome her with something very special. Something that only a thoughtful cat(that would be me, Sporran -the -considerate.) would think of.

She was very pleased.

And she was pleased to see this, too, although she did say some “words” about needing to do some pruning. Oh, and not to tell the Weed Police!

Wisteria and Antigonon

Of course, we would have liked to post all this sooner, but the bi-peds had “things to do.” Like putting the shade sails back above our deck. All afternoon it took! Chains, ropes, ladders, extra D shackles…we learned a lot of new words…

And I, Geiger, wanted to go onto the roof. And then I wanted to get down. Eventually, The Man climbed up the ladder and carried me down, like firemen do. Most undignified, I say!

I had to rest…

Mind you, they took exception to my using the tub of parsley as a hammock!

The Man said it came through the Big Cyclone unscathed, only to be squashed by a cat! Do I look bothered?

Ye gods! It takes so long to get things done around here! Perhaps we will just find a snooze place and let the Bi-peds play…

Two hours later…like we said-it takes Them forever …

Oh yes – She said to say she misses Estorbo. Very much. (But She is glad to be home again…)



  1. What a lovely gift for your human! Perhaps she’ll wear it as a necklace?
    And I think it’s pretty thoughtful that they planted that nice soft bed of parsley for you. I bet it smelled good to sleep on too. A cyclone is nothing compared to the superiority of a cat.

  2. Nice snake skin, girls, do you know what it came from? Good thing the Secretary is back, we missed her here down south. There’s a lot of stone work going on here, very dusty and noisy but when they finish there should be some good sunning spots for me. Don’t think the parsley survived the summer so I hope they plant something else soft and smelly.

  3. We’re not sure whose skin that was;Dinah says a carpet snake.

    Ooh! Stone walls and rocks are great pouncing places, too. Land mullets love them! tee-hee! 🙂

  4. What a lovely and thoughtful welcome home gift for Dinah … I would have expected nothing less from you! I’m sure she misses the Hermano, but she is surely happy to be home.

    1. ‘kaika…yes, she does miss the Big Blag Cad. But she’s also happy to see her two small black ones. And we’ve been thinking of you in the storms. Hope all is easier now the Spring is there?

  5. We have had a few very beautiful days, with some rain to come in the next day or two. The humans really hope our snow season is finished. They don’t like the white stuff or the 34 hour power outages that come with it. But March and April are iffy where we live. You must be nearing fall where you are, yes?

    1. Well, yes, officially. But it;s the Tropics so we don’t really get a proper autumn.The up side is I’m still swimming at 7am so, yes, still pretty hot! 🙂

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