Apparently, in the world of bi-peds, today is a day when children give presents to their mothers.

We are not giving Dinah presents for Mothers’ Day. That would be silly. She is not our mother. She is our First Provider and Secretary and in both departments we think she is somewhat lacking. Stuffing Verbac pills down our throats does NOT count!

But, in the spirit of  giving and appreciation (yaaawn…) we do like to bring her the occasional trophy.

Honestly! She has all these cameras that can take very good pictures and what does she do? Draws a picture!

Maybe our readers should just Google for grasshopper pictures.

She has been working hard   sometimes on something she calls a book. It involves tearing paper into small pieces. So we thought we’d help.

I, Sporran, am the champion confetti maker. But it can be very tiring and I need to rest afterwards.

We had a visit from a Sticky Foot during the recent wet weather.

It’s OK – I wasn’t going to eat it! Je ne suis pas une chatte francaise!

Might be time to eat some crunchies, though…


4 thoughts on “MOTHERS’ DAY

  1. Hello, G & S! I’m sure that, on some level, Dinah really does appreciate the trophy grasshoppers. They do make great Mother’s Day gifts as well (even though she is not your mother). I was trying to catch a moth for the human tonight, but it got away. And the last time I brought her a frog she took it and released it into the bushes. Well, I guess it’s the thought that counts … hmmm.

    1. Hey! Good to see you’ve come out from under your winter blankets!
      Yes, the bi-peds are sometimes a bit funny about “gifts.” Actually, Dinah’s not too bad, but The Man goes balistic!

  2. Luther here, g’day G&S. Our Mother’s Day was a washout with every person here ill except for me. Lucky I was around to keep watch over the place. I leave the gift giving to the humans because Carol, like The Man, goes ballistic if she sees me stalking – I think her “live and let live” attitude is a bit over the top.

    1. Yeah…we keep reminding them of the Darwin Edict, but they still crack on.
      Lucky for all those humans you were keeping an eye on things.Foxes would like those chooks!

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