we’re back.

if we have any readers left…hello. sporran here. the more astute among you might notice that i’m typing in what the silly bi-peds call lower case. this is because we both had our claws trimmed last night[ and geiger is still sulking] and holding the shift key is tricky with short claws.

we cannot believe how bi-peds can waste so much good sunshine and hunting time doing silly things like work. madness, we say.

2 computers in this house and we couldn’t get  any quality time on either. 

we have been helping the secretary in the garden. she said some rather rude words about weeds so we offered to help with the digging. she planted this in a pot and said she was going to use it in cooking. phooey. we’ve never seen her use it with anything.

in fact, it has been so long since she even  looked at it she didn’t realise that it had covered half the side garden and was heading under the fence. more bad words. more assistance from us. we scratched up a big heap of it. and she says if anyone wants to know it’s called piper novae-hollandiae and you can google recipes.

ginormous grasshoppers were all over the place. so we chased them.i leaped  high in the air and caught a really big one just as it was going to eat one of her orchids. (we wont talk about the piece of broken orchid. ed)

and i climbed a tree to watch for the postman.and birds. but mostly for the postman. [yeah,right.]



and then we helped her to cook dinner.

and now she says she needs to scan some papers so would we please get our furry tails out of here. [actually, she wasn’t quite so polite, but we know our readers are sensitive.]

maybe, if things calm down, we’ll be back soon…meanwhile click the link. silly link wont go to bed. but it will play.






7 thoughts on “we’re back.

  1. At least she discusses things with you. Do you do religion and politics, too? All I get from mine is, “Get your butt out of my face!” when she’s in bed.


  2. hi, zulu. oh lordy, do we ever get the politics stuff. we thought it would settle down when dub moved on, but, no…
    hope you’re still keeping the dog in her place.

  3. Sorry about the claws, G&S … I am hoping the human forgets about clipping ours. I envy you the giant grasshoppers. Green ones or brown ones? Ours haven’t been much in evidence thus far, but I am watchful. I must be more clever about hiding them when I bring them into the house in the future, however, as she has become quite proficient at finding them. In fact, she found my lizard and liberated it yesterday.

    1. She probably wont forget to clip you. They forget to put things like “soap” on the shopping list, but they always remember our tortures!
      And those ‘hoppers are brown. In summer we also have the bright green katydids, but they are not as crunchy as the ‘hoppers. 🙂

      PS Tell you human the waka are arriving in Hawaii!

  4. The human says thanks for the info. 😉 She checked the post on the Voyagers page and is looking forward to seeing photos.

  5. Nice to see you back though my person isn’t spending much time on the ‘puter so she misses most interesting things. We won’t talk about claws, please. That dinner pic looked promising but why on earth would you put all that greenery and stuff on it? Did you get any? Luther xx

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