A very good question! The bi-peds have been busy again. Especially The Man.

But the other day, our Secretary told him:”We are going to the store that sells television sets because our old one has finally come to the end of its road.”

We looked out on the road…no televison set there. What was the woman talking about!

Anyway, off they went…and came home with a present for us!                                                                                                                                                                         

A big box! Excellent jumping and shredding material! So we jumped and shredded until the Secretary was tired of sweeping up bits of box.

And yesterday some workmen came to the neighbours’ house and dug more holes and made a lot of noise. This morning another very noisy truck arrived and I went out to see what was going on. Well! There was a dog!

Just look at those spooky eyes! We think it has the look of Basement Cat!

But Dinah said it was on a chain. She also said I was not to go across the road and tease it! As if! 

Then another big truck arrived! I had a really good watch-post, but Dinah had to go upstairs to take pictures. She’s too fat to squeeze into my space hahaha!

This makes a lot of noise as it squirts sloppy, sticky stuff into a little wheel barrow.

And then the workmen make a lot of noise when one of them tips the barrow over! Great entertainment!

And then our young friend, John, arrived. John looks after us when Dinah and The Man are away. He brought some pretty flowers for Dinah.

And that’s all we have time for…more things are happening next door! We want to see…
















  1. Very exciting stuff going on in your neighborhood, G & S! We haven’t had a big box to play with for a long time. Enjoy the new TV (maybe you can watch Animal Planet) and keep an eye on the d*g with the laser beam eyes … from afar!

    Oh, and the human says the cattleyas are lovely.

  2. ‘kaika…well, the box was fun for a while, but She has put it in the rubbish bin now. Animal Planet? I don’t think we get that show. We don’t get much at all!

    Are they called cattleyas after us, do you think? Or ,perhaps, after cows? 😉
    G & S

  3. holy smokes… would you look at that dog!! That would send me straight upstairs to sit high up on the chest of drawers.

    Thanks for stopping by both of my blogs! Has wordpress sorted out your comments on “More Idle Thoughts” yet?
    (love from Pearl)

    1. pearl…we think things are back to normal! And the dog did look really scary, but it seemed to be a “good dog” and just snoozed all the time it was there.
      We hope the looters don’t come down your street!

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