Our friend sent us a link to a musical cat. We think it looks like a put-up job, but Dinah tells us she has heard of this cat before. She says this cat lives with a music teacher. We think maybe Dinah should live with a music teacher; just saying.


Playing piano is easy-peasy! Look


Geiger,between sets…

Yes, well, I was rubbing my head along the keys in  a clever little prriff*But it took her so long to focus her picture-box she only caught me scowling at her Hoover!I do wish she wouldn’t leave that blasted thing right where we have to walk!

Sporran here. I have been practising my percussion solo. All these pods that rattle down onto the roof gave me the idea. Of course, they’d sound much better on glass or china, but Dinah seems less than keen on that idea so I have to play outside.

La percussionista just lost one of her sticks down the gap.

And then She got in the way when she was taking pictures of this…

She says it’s one of these, but she isn’t sure which. She also says it’s a female. I think it might be called “snack.” Oh yes – one more thing, just in case you think it’s a great big scary spider: it’s not very big; that’s a small moth which Mrs. Spider is eating, not spider’s head! See?

We have to hand this back to Dinah now as she has loads of work to do. So she says.

Musicians call it an “ostinato” or riff, but when done with an accompanying purr we cats know it as prriff. OK?



  1. Well, G&S, it looks as though the Oz spider is very similar to the American spider, unlike the possum. Your possums are much cuter, but unfortunately I can’t convince your Missus to trade.

  2. Prriff! Hah! That’s very clever! I have been a fan of Nora the Piano Cat for some time now. She has her own website and YouTube videos. She also has a Facebook page. Seriously.

    Nice spider … are they tasty?

    1. Facebook? I wonder if we could have Facebook?

      Some spiders are not bad, but so far we haven’t tried the big ones. Well, not as far as Dinah knows. We’re saying nothing.

  3. You can tell winter is over – spiders everywhere. Still little ones but Carol is already complaining about walking into them in the orchard. She should be low to the ground like me. We have a piano. I wonder…

    I’ve started my summer moult and they tell me I look scraggy again. Tough!
    Cheers, Luther.

    1. Hi, Luther. I suppose Carol means those pesky funnel web spiders?
      You should try the piano! Just be careful you don’t scratch the timber bits when you jump up! 🙂

      Scraggy? This from people who spend money on haircuts! Cheeky blighters!

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