Yes, today is our birthday. We are 4 years old. That’s 4 in human terms. But we are still quite young and have a our kittenish moments.

We’ve heard that some cats(and dogs, to, fer pete’s sake!) have parties, with gifts and treats and all manner of  extra goodies. We, apparently, do not qualify. Damned injustice , we think!

But our neighbour has invited the bi-peds to dinner tonight so perhaps we’ll get a kitty-bag? Something like the fish they had the other night would be acceptable.

The secretary promises to tell you more about it tomorrow. Hmm…we’ve heard that one before!

On the bright side, she came home from the shops with a carton of stuff they call beer and has said that we can have the cardboard box to play in. She can expect to see lots of confetti after their party…




8 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US

  1. Actually, Sporran is the dainty, girly girl. Her twin sister, Geiger is a little heavier, but neither is what I’d call a big cat. Until one tries to claim space on the bed, that is!
    I was about to give you a link to my Flickr photos, but Flickr seems to have reverted to a free account, despite having thanked me for my upgrade payment!

    1. Thankyou for popping in. Yes, we did have a “special treat” of the creamed rice that The Man likes to have with his breakfast fruit. No “kitty bag” though. 😦

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