Sporran writes:

The Secretary is in a right mood. Why? Apparently somebody called Mr. Google has broken something on the computer. She is very cross and has asked   told Mr. G. to fix it NOW.

We are keeping a low profile. As we did the other day when some men arrived with the noisiest machines we’ve ever heard. Worse than the things that wreck our  pouncing patch.

They chopped down 6 trees. Can you believe that! 


I went over the fence into Bob-the-Builder’s garden and hid in the palm trees there. Can you see me? No, didn’t think so!

I have no idea where Geiger went. She came home when the men had gone and she did have a lot of spider webs on her fur…

And I’m not going to tell anyone where I was! It’s my Secret Hideaway. 🙂

And today is a Very Special Day. So we are told. Something to do with fast horses. We don’t much care for horses, fast or slow. We haven’t seen any, but we hear they are HUGE.

Oh-oh…she’s getting that dab stuff that she squirts on our fur. Quick, Sporran! Ruuuuuun….!

















9 thoughts on “NOTHING TO DO WITH US!

  1. SIX TREES !!!! Your secretary told us that some trees had been removed, but didn’t mention how many. Jazz hides somewhere where he gets spider webs all over him too. Which worries herself because one of our predecessors was bitten to death by a spider. Tell Geiger to take care – perhaps she can hide in your spot with you.

      1. Medlyn was very partial to spiders. Just the bodies – he spat out the drumsticks. And a redback bit him on the inside of his mouth. With no evidence to the contrary I am pretty sure it was a kamikaze spider, and died before Medlyn. More than ten years ago and there is still a Medlyn sized hole in my heart. Which is quite a big hole.

    1. Do it. It would confirm all her feelings about the beasties. And anti-venom would be a fine idea – if every vet had it in stock. Needless to say it was an out of hours call, and Meddles died before morning.

  2. Yes, beware spiders, kitties! The redback spider in Dinah’s link looks much like the numerous black widow spiders we have here in California, only the red hourglass marking is on the underside instead of the back.

  3. Hello, ‘kaika. Nice to “see” you again. Hope all’s well up in your corner?

    Dinah says the Black Widow(USA) the katipo (NZ) and the Redback (Aust) are all related.And she’s forever telling us not to mess with any spiders.(We suspect it’s cause she’s a scaredy-cat and is afraid we’ll bring them indoors!)
    She also tells us a katipo climbed up the front of her dress when she was a little girl and no one would believe her…until someone else found one. Hah!

  4. OMG! Glad Dinah escaped unscathed (or should I say unbit?). We find black widows both indoors and out all the time. So far, we haven’t attempted to eat one.
    We are doing OK, taking things one day at a time. Thanks for asking.

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