…and this is a very happy one.

The Secretary’s brother lives by the ocean where the ship Rena hit a reef and spilled a lot of oil. Thousands of birds and fishes died. Some of them were rescued and hundreds of people helped to wash them.

Penguins are birds.

They look like clockwork dolls! I bet they’d be fun to chase! (Not that I would. Of course.)

We’d catch Hell if we chased penguins! But there aren’t any in our yard. Anyway, what we wantede to tell you about is that today 49 penguins were stuffedvery carefully put into boxes and carried to the ocean.

And then the boxes were opened and 49 silly penguins ran around , all confused, until they  realised they were free. The bipeds even made a movie! And you can read about it here  http://sunlive.co.nz/news/18894-rena-harmed-penguins-released.html

But what we want to ask is: why is it called Rabbit Island? Shouldn’t the people call it Penguin Island? Stupid bipeds!

Go! Penguins…



12 thoughts on “WE ALL LIKE A HAPPY STORY…

  1. Yes, it is a feel-good story. The secretary used to work with raptors(big hawks and eagles), but she did tell us that she met a penguin, many years ago, at a university.

  2. Never hear of the Little Blue Penguin. Is that just native to New Zealand (I guess I need to do a The Google search)?

    I’m going back to Sylvan Heights Waterfowl Park in the spring when everyone is laying eggs and babies are hatching. I’ll make a note to ask as to why they don’t do penguins. Maybe not the right environment for breeding? If you ever come back to the States, I wish I could talk you into coming to NC and going with me to the park. It is absolutely amazing.

  3. What would you suppose penguin tastes like? Not like chicken, I bet. I think they might be too big for cats to enjoy chasing (not that you would, of course).

    1. Indeed. Of course, there are still many more birds not ready for release and the broken ship is still there, but everyone was so happy when the Blues swam out.

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