Some of the bi-peds grumble when the weather is hot. But we’re quite happy as they keep us well supplied with playthings!

               I called dibs, but Sporran thought we should play for it. She would!

And why not? You can’t hog everything, you know.

It’s stopped raining. Shall we go outside? I’m going to look for those funny kites at the beach.(We can see all the way to the sea now that the big tree’s gone.)

Well, I’m going to have another look around next door before the new people move in. The Secretary says there will be more dogs ! Bugger!

Hey! This is not your blog- put my word back! 

Secretary : sigh…bugger. Happy now?  Fetches Hoover to clear up the bits of  shredded cardboard…



  1. There is something about boxes isn’t there. Many of the near heart attacks that cats leaping at me out of boxes have caused. And it always amazing me how far shredded cardboard can go. Sigh.

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