Three years ago, I broke my leg and Dr. Dave had to give me a new hip. [secretary; he didn’t “give’ as in a freeebie!]

Well, on Sunday, my leg was hurting so Dinah stuffed me in that wretched crate and hauled me off to the hospital. Dr. Dave poked a needle into my sore leg and said if it was still hurting in a few days I might have to have something called “caught a zone.” 

But I’m much better so I think I’ll never find out out what the caught a zone thing is.



11 thoughts on “BACK TO THE VET. AGAIN!

  1. Jazz n Jewel want to know whether you shrieked all the way to Dr Dave and let the world know you were being tortured. They do. And sometimes they poop or pee themselves to add to the joy.
    We all hope your leg stays better.

  2. No, Sporran said “meep” in her little voice a few times, but she was very good. And, yes, 2Js, I did drive slowly, avoiding the nastier bumps.Today, Wednesday, she’s looking just fine.

  3. Yes, but I am very good at catching things. Perhaps, if I know what they look like, I could catch a “zone” for my sister? Do they fly? Or hop? Or slither?

    1. Oh, yes! I am a cat and (as Mr. Parker Brown would know) we are very good at doing stretching exercises. In fact, our Secretary was (according to an expert) also very good at such exercises. So she keeps an authoritative eye on us.
      Waves to Parker Brown…

      (the secretary really should update our emails!!!!!!!!!!)

  4. Congratulations Dinah on the Ann Wood win. I should have known the winning comment would be part of your witty repartee 🙂 I keep trying to reply by email to you but can’t seem to manage. This is most likely due to my non existent IT skills… But just in case. Do you have an email address you could send me? In the mean time WELL DONE YOU! My brain’s gone to mush with all this craft stuff so I didn’t even leave a caption on Ann’s blog. Thought it was such a great idea though.

  5. Dinah here…(Geiger’s had her supper and signed off)
    I’m enormously chuffed at the Ann Wood win! Her work (and the write-ups) is top notch. Almost makes me want to sew again. Almost!
    I’ve emailed you.

  6. My friend Sporran, I hope your leg is feeling better by now and you don’t have to take “caught a zone.” I am directing healing lazer beams from my golden eyes to your sore leg. This may take a few minutes as the beams have to travel pretty far!

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