Not that we give a hoot about such celebrations! Although sometimes there are extra little treats to be had. Prawns are rather nice! 🙂

And for some reason there’s rather a lot of sparkly paper and ribbon-y stuff.

And a new toy!

But the best part about this Christmas thing is that our Man is  at home. All day. Every day.

And that means the Secretary does more cooking!

We wish all our friends and their slaves a safe and happy holiday time. Don’t scoff too much rich food. Remember, our vets like to have a holiday, too!


11 thoughts on “MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  1. Mele Kalikimaka, my friends! Wishing you many cat toys (and this is a vast category as you well know!) and some lovely bacon treats.

  2. woof,woof to both Geiger and Spooran from Pepa.
    I had a quiet silly season day, you know what I mean but my human mum brought Raven home for a visit, actualyl a sleepover which was okay but she is soooooo full on in energy levels , makes me rather tired!! anyhow she slept with the human dad and I still had my human mum to myself he! he!.
    Raven belongs to my other human mum, Selena and her family, She is a black lab, no not Selena Raven, cats!! and she is so big and lumbering all over the place but we all love her.
    Woof, woof.

    1. Hmm…not sure we could handle a big black dog.But you had a good time so that’s all that matters.

      The Secretary just came home from the beach with some stuff that smells a bit like those prawns…but I jumped up and had a good sniff and it’s not prawns, just soggy grassy stuff. Honestly! She goes bonkers if we track weeds and dirt indoors!

  3. Hau’oli makahiki hou! To you and all your family, ‘kaika. (We are getting to be quite the linguists! Dinah says many things in “funny” languages. WE suspect it may be a bit rude sometimes! But we understand “kai” 🙂

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