I was a bit cross with The Secretary because she went out just when a Big Storm was coming. I don’t like Big Storms!

But when she came home she was carrying …a parcel!

And inside the parcel… another parcel!

Sporran and I were getting excited. “Open it!” we said.

A box! With black ribbon to play with!

We played with the ribbon and then we realised that The Secretary was still fiddling with the parcel!

It’s a bird!  (He has a tag, like we wear, which says his name is Jim.)

And a card which reads:

             Jim was made by Ann Wood, a lovely lady in Brooklyn and he is my prize from a contest which Ann held at her blog.

I think Jim is very handsome. Sporran agrees. Of course, we are not allowed to play with Jim. The secretary says we might play a “bit too rough” so she will put him in the cabinet with  her books.

Spoil-sport! That’s what she is! But we’d like to say a very big thank you to Ann for sending Jim all the way to Australia. We’ll make sure The Secretary takes good care of him.

Yes. We certainly wouldn’t let her leave him outside in a Big Storm! 😦







18 thoughts on “A PARCEL!

  1. Well the secretary is such a spoil sport! What a very nice little birdie indeed!

    I once got a sewing pattern to make some little chickies for my Larry and Lila–the only two cats in residence at the time, and both black cats such as yourselves–but, alas, never did get the feet quite right. They wanted something a bit more refined than the standard stuffed mouse.

    But speaking of stuffed mice, a friend once made them a felt mousie that looked much more anatomically similar to the real thing than the kind I sew (minus feet). Dominic, our newest family member, tore its head off with one bite. He was puzzled why it didn’t taste like mousie (that’s because he’s a black and white cat. He’s not as smart as a black cat). But he does like to bat the head around the living room.

    I’m sure you must be drooling at the sight of this lovely little birdie, but it too is almost certainly one of the kinds that tastes like pillow stuffing. We humans get so happy about the strangest things, don’t we? Birds that don’t taste like bird….or even like food!

  2. Dinah here cos the black spitfires are asleep…it’s a lovely little thing,
    I had some problems with the blog earlier and the threat of a serious storm, so I shut the electronic things down. And now …I’ve had dinner, a couple of glasses of wine…more tomorrow.Maybe! 😉

  3. And so the secretary should put birdie away too, naughty pussies to think she would let you play with such a piece of art!! Lovely work Ann and I look forward to visiting it in the near future.

  4. Way to go, Geiger! I hope Dinah reconsiders and allows some kind of interaction with the wee Jim Bird! I must confess, though, that my preference is always for the packing.

  5. Carol has just been visiting a lovely tabby called Sushi, very pretty girl, from the photos. I’m pleased she’s home, she goes away much too often. I’d really like to play with Jim – but I know your problem, Carol puts everything like that in the cupboard, too.
    Black Luther xxxx

  6. The cat is called “Sushi”? That’s a bit of a worry!
    Jim is in a cupboard that we can’t open, but we are pretty good at opening the sliding doors where She hangs clothes. And we can open some of the drawers, too;cotton and lace underwear is lovely to sleep on! 😉

    1. Thank you for asking, but (So far!) it has been OK up here. But there are storms forecast today for northern districts and central coalfields so we could catch some of that.
      Today? Glorious sunshine and hotter than a jockey’s breeches.

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