Oh, these bi-peds are such a push-over! The Secretary has had cats for most of her life so you’d think, by now, she’d know we are smarter. Oh yes, much smarter then she is.

It’s time for those bloody awful worm pills. She knows we don’t like them. And it doesn’t matter how she tries to disguise the nasty, vile, poisonous things….WE CAN STILL SMELL THEM!

Today, she tried to hide them in a piece of chicken wing. I sniffed, looked at her, sniffed again and simply walked away. I knew!

I was more determined than Geiger…I ate around the beastly pill! The chicken was jolly nice!

There’s the horrid poison pill. Look, not even the green ants will eat it. 

So now, she’ll have to go back to  Dr. Vet and buy more pills.

Yes, and we’ll be ready for the evil witch. And we will win!

Friday. A very black  Friday. The witch scruffed us and squirted mushed-up-pill-in-yoghurt into us. Ychh! Worse! What we managed to spit out she smeared on our paws so we had no option but to clean it off. Evil, I tell you, evil.


6 thoughts on “HA HA! WE FOILED YOU! UPDATED

  1. Jazz n Jewel pretend to swallow their pills and then sneak behind the sofa or under the bed and spit them out. Where they collect dust until the next inspired vacuuming (as opposed to a reasonably thorough but not excessive one).

  2. Our human is devious and ruthless. She crushes the poison pills, mixes them up with a teaspoonful of milk, syringes it all up using a syringe that the evil vet gave her, and squirts it far into the sides of our mouths, keeping a brutal grip on the scruffs of our necks so that we can’t drool them out. So we sulk afterwards, oh, at least until dinnertime…..

    1. Apparently she tried that with Josh…and he turned into a ferocious beast, biting and clawing and spitting goo everywhere.
      We did hear the word “Brie” but we are still being cautious.

  3. We get the syringe too; the human crushes everything medicinal and mixes it with babyfood meat. And the thing is we usually fall for it. The worm stuff comes in liquid form from the vet and smells like bananas. We’ve perfected the foaming drool to deal with that issue.

    1. We’ve never had baby food. We seem to remember Rusty might have had some after his time in hospita l(a snake bit him and he couldn’t eat anything for days). Thanks for the warning – we’ll watch out for it.

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