Our friend, Zulu, who is the stabilising force for her artist human, thinks it would be a good idea if we posted a link to a story about greedy humans.

Apparently, there are people in the Government (that’s Zulu’s government) who don’t care about anything except  making a lot of money. And this is how they make their money. There is a link there which will show you a movie. (There’s a cute bear!)

Our secretary also thinks it’s a good idea to tell our readers because she looked at a thing called “our stats” and she knows that some people who read  our blog do not read her blog.

Well, waddayaknow! We have  our own followers! Not surprising, really. We are, after all, cats.



  1. There’s nothing finer in this world than a socially evolved and politically aware pussenheimer.

    love Zulu

    PS Get the secretary to adjust the link on your sidebar. Too much swimming has waterlogged the brain. Of swimming we do not approve.

  2. Yes, you are both looking lovely as ever! The human watched the movie that Zulu’s human linked to on her blog. She says it’s about something called “Tar Sands.” I don’t know what that is, but I’m sure it’s a BAD THING. She said there are people in our government that want his to happen, too. I think we must save the humans from themselves.

    1. Indeed, ‘Kaika…but how? They take no notice of cats. Maybe if we organised a parade of all the cats (and dogs, if it would help, though I’m not sure about them!) whose people don’t like tar sand oil?
      The worst thing is that they poison the water. And we drink water!

  3. Ah, water! The humans are either trying to poison it or privatize it (at least that’s what she says). And a Mr. Mark Twain, who lived and wrote a long time ago, is purported to have said that whiskey’s for drinking and water’s for fighting over. I don’t know about drinking whiskey, but I will fight for my water! The human also doesn’t like what will happen to the beautiful trees in the Canadian wilderness. She says trees are “the lungs of the planet.” Geiger, I think you are right. We cats must organize!

  4. And maybe blogger kitties can put The Secretary’s poster on their blogs and on their Facebook pages. I wonder if M. Beence would put it on his blog?

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