By her      me   Sporran Herself.

Our Secretary has a friend from the South and he likes animals, too. So he sent her a film about an owl and a pussy cat. Not the ones that went to sea and then got married. Because that would be silly.

I’m not sure where this cat and the owl live, but Dinah says that the owl is “probably imprinted”* because it would not naturally play like that with a cat. I say not many cats would want to “play” with an owl!

But I would like one! It looks like a lot of fun. And, of course, I am very, very good at jump-flying. Quick, too. And I love feathers!

So, if you know where I could get one of these, please leave a comment.


PS. Of course I would not hurt the owl.

*Secretary’s note

The owl is jessed-up, which means it has been trained on a lure, possibly for educational purposes. It may have been hand-reared, in which case it is imprinted to its human  food source and would be unlikely to survive in the wild.

Sheer speculation, but we used to see this quite a lot when working in rehab. Getting such birds back to release state takes a lot of work and success is never guaranteed. 

And, no, we will not be getting  Sporran a barn owl for Christmas!

Aww! Spoilsports!



10 thoughts on “SPORRAN’S WISH LIST.

  1. Yes, Sporran, I would like one too… This cat and owl look like very good friends. I don’t think Sherlock would like an owl for a friend; he prefers a boy that gives him treats and cuddles. But it would be fun to have a bird friend to play with.

  2. They certainly “know” each other, but I’m not sure I’d trust either for very long!
    When we had Nelson (an owl) the cats mostly ignored him, though the Siamese boy liked to sleep on top of the owl house, sometimes with his tail dangling!

  3. Oh, yes! Fum and Gebra. They live in Spain. We like them mucho. We have owls where we live, but they are pretty big and may try to carry off a smallish cat — which I am not — but still. Can’t be too careful.

    1. Oh, do you know them, ‘Kaika?
      I think you have great gray owls in your forest, don’t you? Dinah tells us about a great gray that she met in Canada.He was ee-NORmous, she said.


  4. Yes, we have great grays and they are ginormous! I think Fum and Gebra are from the Catalan region of Spain. Fum (Smoke) is the cat and Gebra (Frost) is the owl.

  5. We are happy you smiled. The Secretary told us about your Man and we hope he feels better soon. Very soon. We also hope Jazz doesn’t jump on him too hard! 🙂

  6. Yes, they made us smile too. I’m very old now but when I was young I looked just like Fum. I’ve never had an owl, only chickens, which don’t have the same flair, somehow. Luther xx

    1. Just a few minutes ago that stupid Bentley dog was yapping and his Woman came out to see why. She scolded him for just standing on the deck and not CHASING his target. Which was…birds. Dinah said “Bitch!” Wish a big ol’ eagle owl or Condor would get that dog! *Sporran*

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