Hardly fair, is it? There we were, having a quiet snooze, not getting into any trouble. Not even thinking about mischief.

When along came   The Evil Witch and  grabbed us. We were stuffed , most unceremoniously, it must be said, into the box-with-locks and hauled off to “that place.”

Well, as if that was not bad enough, when we got there there was a HUGE, GINORMOUS THING in the middle of the floor. Like this.

 image here

It lives with Dr. Vet, but he is away so Ringo (yes, it is called Ringo) is staying at the surgery. And sleeping on the floor. And following all the patients into the clinic. Dinah doesn’t think she would like Ringo’s food bill!

And another thing we saw was a notice on the desk…



Thank you.

It wasn’t too horrid, but we really don’t like having to go there. It’s just as well it’s only once a year!

Interesting things are happening across the road. Big trucks and diggers have been digging a hole. Man! A cat could could have a really big po   oww! I was just saying that it’s a big scratch-hole. Bloody editors!







We’ll keep an eye things.



16 thoughts on “WE WERE NABBED!

  1. Dinah’s really hard on you two. Any chance you can sneak over there and you know what? Geez, that Ringo has a big head, poor thing. You’ve gotta feel sorry for him. Love from Luther xxx

    1. Oh, we visit most days, sneakily. But that’s all we do. See, this is where Custard lives and there are other dogs on either side, so we come home for pit stops. Nothing worse than having your “skirts up” when a ruddy great dog comes charging out! Ringo? Big? Understatement!

  2. The cats here are convinced that going to That Place is really an alien abduction. It’s the steel table and the anal probe…and all those creatures that look like Ringo.

  3. Not sure, but maybe we should draw the veil over it?
    By the way, The Secretary told us about Dominic not sharing the blanket…so? who does share his blanket?

    1. Dominic shares only when Dominic wants to share. And sometimes he changes his mind several times in one night.

  4. Wow! That is a big d a r g! He looks like he’s a mastiff. Good thing he seems to be a mellow fellow.

    Congrats on having that ginormous litter box being dug for you both. And right across the street … how thoughtful! Use it in good health!

    1. Yes, Ringo is an English Mastiff. Big marshmallow, he is. And guess what? They came and filled in the scratch patch with concrete! We are circulating a petition… G and S

  5. Hah! When the Secretary plants new things she puts sharp little twigs around them. Sometimes I can just sit on them anyway and squash the whole lot. Then she says cuss words. Bipeds!
    Oh! Nose bumps to Hamish-the Bold!

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