the revolution has started!

Well, we thought it about time. We need some action here.

We did consider posting one of those small ads, like we see in Dr. Vet’s window. Except his are mostly about people wanting to sell puppies and kittens. What we had in mind was finding more reliable staff.  

Now, we are pretty smart cookies, but, as you can see, not having opposable thumbs does make writing awkward.

But when we suggested she could put our small ad in the window she got all apologetic and said she was very sorry she had not helped us update our blog and she would do so soon. Yeah, right! Next transit of Venus, probably!

So, we needed another Plan of Action. A comic strip, we thought, would spice things up a little.

But it came back to that thumb thing – we can’t draw.

Neither can She! But she did make some drawings for us to show you and we’d like your opinion. Be honest. Be harsh. Don’t spare Her feelings!


We think these are rubbish!She tells us they are what are called “roughs” and will be cleaned up. Rough is accurate.

So…what we’d like to know is whether you think a comic strip would be good. Cleaned up, of course. Not rough.

Hang on! She’s messing about with her picture box again…

Something like this, she says. Sort-of. Hmmm….






Still rather a lot of cleaning-up to do, don’t you think ?

Maybe we could ask that nice Mrs. Rinehart if she’d like to buy us…

So, it’s come to mutiny, has it? You’re a pair of ingrates! Oh, yes, your spelling is rubbish!  ED. 


10 thoughts on “the revolution has started!

  1. Get yourselves over here, you two. There’s a bunch of cats waiting to welcome you; they know only too well what blog-neglect by a negligent secretary is like, and will sympathise.

  2. I think having a comic strip with cats talking in speech bubbles would be a ridiculous thing to suggest! I’ve popped you two in my side-bar so I can keep an eye on you!

  3. Good help is hard to find, my friends. I feel your pain, but then again, I don’t even have a blog. I think a comic strip would be a fine idea … I need a good laugh every now and then. The human really likes the Secretary’s drawings, but I don’t think they do either of you justice.

    1. Good top see you again ‘Kaika. The Secretary says she is working on a comic, but says she has something called a “priority.”
      We’ll stay on her case(that way, she will not be able to pack up and leave!) 🙂

  4. Welcome to Cat Thoughts, Mo.
    I’m sure you understand exactly how “rough” those drawings are! But she says she is working on something and will need us to sit for her in different poses.Contrary woman – any other time when we “sit in posies” she yells to get off the flowers!
    Stay tuned…;-)

    1. Rosie…we think you are a friend of those terriorists in Norfolk, yes? Oh. well…we can cope with that.Actually, we don’t mind “proper” dogs…it’s the ones that chase us…

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