…but we are not taking any chances!


This GINORMOUS THING appeared over the fence at Bentley’s house a couple of days ago and this morning, it stood on its back legs and looked over our fence.What a nerve!  The Secretary says she thinks it has been hit by a car because it has grazes on one side and it can’t walk on one front leg. Tough!

But the good part is….  Barking Bentley is not there today! Perhaps Big Monster Dog ate him?  🙂

Ooh!   Lunch time…race you to the fridge, Sporran!



6 thoughts on “IT SEEMS FRIENDLY…

  1. Carol loves big dogs like this but I don’t think she’d get one. I’m good with dogs, good at putting them in their place, that is. Carol would be too scared that her dog would get whacked by me. I have a reputation!

    It really is a VERY big dog, isn’t it? Stay safe, girls! Luther

    1. It seems about the same bigness as the Great Dane x Rhodesian Ridgeback that chases us sometimes.A couple of weeks ago, it got a little dog from the next street and nearly murdered it. Dinah and Ridgeback’s owner managed to pull if off the little dog. Maybe we should hire you, Luther!

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