We are five years old today. And we think we should have a party. With treats.

The Secretary says “maybe tomorrow,when I have the car.” So we thought you might like to be reminded of when we were just little kittens.





They did give us a big ol’ carton to play with. I suppose we should be grateful…

But I still think we should have a chicken wing!





12 thoughts on “IT’S OUR BIRTHDAY!

  1. You assuredly should have a party. With chicken wings and perhaps a chicken neck as well. I have just been oohing and aahing over your baby photos. So beautiful. Your mother and father are cute too. And Rusty – who doesn’t love a marmelade cat.
    Thank you. I was feeling a tad low, and cat photos always make me smile.

  2. Happy belated birthday, girls! Personally, I think The Secretary should’ve gotten you a couple of mice from the pet shop to play with. But what can you do, her idea of “food” will have to do, I suppose.

    You were, and are, so gorgeous.

  3. Thank you, Mrs. Chipmunk.Pet shop mice? Hmm…we’ve heard about mice, but have never seen any. On the up side – she’s been to the shop and bought chicken wings!

    1. How unfortunate you’ve never seen a real mouse… or rat. The cats here love them (unfortunately, they love chipmunks too, and even once brought one in the house…oh dear). Here in the States I hear humans with credit cards can even buy frozen mice online, but the living ones that run and hide are much more fun! Maybe one day you’ll get lucky and one will slip under the door and wind up in the house.

  4. Oh, my goodness! A belated Happy Birthday to both of you beautiful young kitty girls! Hope you got lots of organic, free range expensive chicken. I’m sure you did because the Secretary lives to make you happy.

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