Hardly fair, is it? There we were, having a quiet snooze, not getting into any trouble. Not even thinking about mischief. When along came   The Evil Witch and  grabbed us. We were stuffed , most unceremoniously, it must be said, into the box-with-locks and hauled off to “that place.” Well, as if that was … More WE WERE NABBED!


I was a bit cross with The Secretary because she went out just when a Big Storm was coming. I don’t like Big Storms! But when she came home she was carrying …a parcel! And inside the parcel… another parcel! Sporran and I were getting excited. “Open it!” we said. A box! With black ribbon … More A PARCEL!


Not that we give a hoot about such celebrations! Although sometimes there are extra little treats to be had. Prawns are rather nice! 🙂 And for some reason there’s rather a lot of sparkly paper and ribbon-y stuff. And a new toy! But the best part about this Christmas thing is that our Man is … More MERRY CHRISTMAS!